The Right Choice For Your Company

We gathered the needs of hundreds of companies under one roof: OETECH Data collection, technical support, custom software solutions, corporate website design, internet advertising and IT consultancy, we are with our customers in every process.

Consultancy Service

We offer solutions for all the needs of your company on digital platforms. We guide you on how to get the most accurate and clear solutions at the lowest budget.

Software Solutions

We produce custom software for your company with the logic of Boutique Software. In thıs way, you don’t have to pay extra for modules you don’t need. Our goal is to fully meet your needs.

Data Collecting

With the software we have developed for the best performance of the machines in your production area, we follow up the work performances of both your personnel and your machines and create a work plan accordingly.

Website Solutions

With the most trendy designs, we design your company’s virtual office in the best way with the works we will do for your company’s needs and target audience. You can interfere your website 24/7 with the easy management panel.

Maintenance and Restoration

We produce solutions not only as software also technically. With on-site service, we meet the maintenance and repair needs of all technological equipment and software.

Security Products

We lock your data security with software and hardware systems according to your wishes and protect against possible attacks and data loss. We provide the best level of security by analyzing according to your needs.




Wireless production tracking and analysis systems.


We make mechanical and electronic automation systems in your Poke-Yoke, Assembly, Finishing and Machinery park.


We provide sales and service services with IT support solutions.


Custom software development solutions for your company.

Technology is not an idea, it’s a way to get it. So you should not be overly admiring or afraid of technology.

— John Hegarty

Innovations and Announcements

Project Development Process

From the moment you contact with our company, we produce special solutions for your needs with a full team work..

After this process, you can follow the development of your business with our reporting you can analyze the development process from the moment you work with us much better.

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Needs Analysis

First, we identify the technologies you need in your company. Together with field analysis, we collect all your data to produce a perfect solution.

Planning and Project

After the collected data and the fieldwork we have done, we make the right infrastructure assessment with our team to meet your needs.

Development and Conclusion

After the meetings and analyzes we have made, we meet your needs with our software that we have prepared completely for you. After the test process in the field, we realize your project.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!