Production and Object Tracking Systems 

We collect and present the status information of the work done in instant and time interval with the software and hardware automations we have developed to the manufacturing machine, machine and assembly fixtures.


  • Hardware and automation cards used in production monitoring system allow wired and wireless use at the same time.
  • Minimizes the time loss of cable costs and labor.
  • On average, a Machine is set up in 20 minutes and the analysis and notification starts on the system side.

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Our Introductory Presentation

You can download more information about the solutions we have developed for you along with the latest technologies.

Please click to download our presentation

Machinery Applications, Special software for automation and fixture fields
Web Applications, portal software for access from anywhere
Mobile Applications, for analysis and content management
Desktop Applications, for windows and other operating systems

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Coding is our business. You determine your needs and we will design and implement for you..

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Endüstri 4.0 ve IOT Çözümleri

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